Marquee Letters, Neons + Signs

We love a good wedding sign—no matter it’s of them marquee letter, neon or name lettering cut out variety! From a ceremony backdrop and welcome signage to bar decor, displaying your name or favorite saying is a surefire way to make your party pop.

A swanky neon sign or name lettering cut out crafted with a sweet cursive sentiment is chic enough to stand on its own. So not only will you save money on additional over-the-top wedding decor, but you’ll also invest in a piece that can be displayed in your home!

To illuminate your wedding or proposal, hiring the marquee letters is one of the best choices to make the occasion truly unique. It also adds that stand out feature to your event creating impressive photo ops throughout the celebrations.

With the endless possibilities for design and purpose, you surely will find the perfect one here! Click here to make an inquiry.